Agni Terra – Polychrome Jasper in Antiqued Copper with Chain


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Born of the fires that burn the old to birth the new, Agni Terra, meaning “Fire & Earth”, embodies the inspiration, motivation, and grounded nurturing of Gaia to create your reality with intention and purpose.

This beautiful pendant is comprised of a freeform polychrome jasper cabochon wrapped in antiqued copper and includes copper bead chain cut to  preference (up to 32 inches).

-Polychrome Jasper-

Polychrome jasper, also known as Desert Jasper, comes from the island of Madagascar. This beautiful multicolored Jasper is a stone that’s strongly connected to the Fire element, and embodies passion, exuberance, vibrancy, vitality, action, and creativity. This particular Jasper also has a very strong grounding, centering, and stabilizing energy that will assist in deepening and strengthening your connection to Mother Earth.

Its healing energies will show you new paths and help you discover new approaches that will assist you in calling into your life that you most desire. Furthermore, it will help you begin a new cycle in life and invite a feeling of awe as you witness the magic and mystery of the unfolding.

This unique Jasper can boost the immune system and cleanse pollutants and toxins from the body, while helping fortify the intestines, and balance the body’s mineral content. It is also helpful in treating disorders of the bowel and helps to relieve symptoms associated with gastroenteritis, chronic constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and celiac disease.

Chakra Association: All

Astrological Association: Leo, Pisces, Aquarius

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