Wind Dancer



Seeing the world through the awe of a child’s eyes and the wisdom of a thousand life times, she gracefully dances with the winds of change, letting her heart lead the way.


Moonstone is a stone of cycles and rhythms that embraces the Divine Feminine and celebrates the natural order of life.  Its energy is strengthened during the Lunar moon.  It is extremely soothing for both men and women and yields support for the evolution of our spiritual and physical development. It is particularly helpful for women, as the yin energy of the stone is very strong.

Rainbow Moonstone helps quiet the mind, making it a lovely tool for meditation and spiritual pursuits.  It allows us to determine and accept our true nature, and allows our life to ebb and flow with ease. It instills patience and softens our need to rush through things.  It supports new beginnings.

Rainbow Moonstone is ever calming, instilling peace and empathy, and visions of the “big picture.” It promotes lucid dreaming and has the ability to clear all Chakras when placed upon each individually.  A serendipitous stone, it teaches to watch for synchronicities and interpret their meanings with an open mind.  This mysterious stone will teach to trust the subtle nuances of life. (

~Pink Scolecite~

Pink scolecite has all the deep lineage clearing and awareness properties of scolecite with the combined magic of Heart Chakra healing and tenderness. It’s a stone of your highest self and evolution, and bringing that forth. This Gentle Ascension Pink Scolecite is a reminder that the journey towards ascension doesn’t have to be grueling or a hard one. These pieces are truly a great talisman to keep close as a reminder that softness and gentleness are integral to the path of awareness and higher consciousness. (

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