What to Expect - Psychic Guidance

What is Psychic Guidance?

Psychic Guidance comes through me from Spirit, which encompasses your Higher Self, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Ancestors. They provide perspective that is much broader than what we can see from this physical plane and helps to guide you toward the life path that is most true to your Soul’s true purpose and intention in this life.

Messages from Spirit use multiple channels which correspond with our 5 physical senses, as well as claircognizance, which is an intuitive knowing. These extra sensory perceptions originate from Spirit and then are transmitted to me. For example, I may see an image of what your mother looks like or a metaphorical painting representing your current life lesson, hear a loved one’s tone and inflections of speech, feel the emotions or physical discomforts within you at the time of our reading, pick up a smell of your Grandpa’s cigars or even taste your Mother’s favorite cookie recipe. 

I act as a medium and a channel for Spirit and read chakras to bring through the Guidance most pertinent for you in the here and now.

What Should I Expect from a Psychic Guidance Session?

The first 5-10 minutes usually consists of Spirit painting pictures of where you are in life presently, what challenges you may be facing or lessons you may be learning and highlighting aspects of your life that are relevant to our session. After I feel that this portion is complete, our reading can go many different directions, some of which I am completely unaware of until they happen! Sometimes I use tarot, oracle, or angel cards in my readings, and sometimes I do not. Any of the channels/clairs/abilities mentioned in the ‘What is Psychic Guidance?’ portion can come through. If you are specifically interested in certain aspects of what I can do, we can certainly try steer the reading in that direction. 

That said, most of the time I see clients get the clearest, most helpful guidance when we let Spirit do the driving and determine where and how the session flows. My sessions are conversationally based, and I encourage you to ask questions, provide feedback and equally engage in the discussion. It is advised that you take notes or record the session, so you can continue to reflect on the guidance provided.

Will You Predict My Future?

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

This quote is one of my favorite quotes because it rings with truth. I do not do future predictions and there are several reasons for this. 

First and foremost, each of us create our future from our present moment with our thoughts, feelings, actions, and emotions. When a psychic looks at the future, we see the most probable outcomes (of infinite possibilities!) based on your energy in that precise moment. Future predictions do not come with any guarantee and rarely hold true entirely because you alter your trajectory moment to moment.

I want my clients to get the most out of their investment in a session with me and, in my experience, this is not the way to maximize benefit.

That all said, if there is a specific future that you wish to create, I am more than happy to ask Spirit what guidance is available for you to do exactly that. This I find to be highly insightful and yields positive results that empower you to create your own Heaven-on-Earth reality.

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