What to Expect -
Restorative Crystal Healing

What is Restorative Crystal Healing?

​To answer this question, let’s look at a couple of mainstream ways quartz crystal is used to support our modern conveniences. All crystals and minerals have an innate vibrational resonance. This is why watches have quartz crystal in them; their scientifically measurable energetic vibration allows for the most accurate time keeping. Microchips also have quartz as a component. This is what allows us to store incredible amounts of data in them and also what allows that data to be accessed again and again as a computer is turned on and off repeatedly. So, quartz is literally the reason you are able to view my website right now! How about LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens? Yes, they actually DO have crystals in them!

Crystal Healing is a modality in which we use the same measurable vibrations that contribute to these vital modern functions of our society, to promote healing within the physical and energetic bodies. Each different type of crystal and mineral has a vibrational frequency as unique as our fingerprints and are thus, inherently best for certain chakras of the energetic body, and ailments or areas of the physical body. Crystal Healing is an alternative healing modality and art whereby the Practitioner uses their intuition, as well as practical knowledge and experience, to lay different stones directly on the Client’s body and/or direct the energy of the stones/crystals to specific areas to balance the energy system. Think of this in many ways similar to how acupuncture (which is widely accepted as a valid form of treatment in the medical community) works; an acupuncturist uses their needles to open up, correct, and redirect a persons flow of energy through applying needles in specific places in the body that are in alignment with the energetic meridians. In Crystal Healing, we are instead using crystals and minerals around the physical body to achieve the most ideal energetic balance and flow.

What Should I Expect from a Crystal Healing Session?

Prior to the start of a session, I will have you fill out a couple short forms, then we will discuss the areas you wish to work on and what you want to achieve in a session. If you are unsure of exactly what you want to work on, we can go the route of a general energetic tune-up where I scan the energy field to find and correct imbalances and even out the flow throughout the body and its energy centers. 

As we move into our session, I will begin with opening both my own chakras as well as the client’s, and then scan the client’s energy body. I will help guide and encourage the client’s deep, circular breathing to bring fullness to all areas of the energy body. Once we are both adequately open and I am attuned to a client’s energy, I will begin placing stones, on and around the body of my client. After all of the stones are placed, I will reexamine the energy field to see where more attention or work is needed. At this point, I may use various crystal formations around the body as tools to direct, focus, or reduce energy as needed. During the whole practice, either based on a client’s request or my intuition, I may or may not provide verbal feedback of what I am seeing/feeling and what I am doing to re-calibrate the energy field, but I always tell a client prior to laying stones, or my hands directly on their person. Once I feel that my client is well balanced, I will wrap up the session, remove all of the stones, and invite you to rise at your own pace. After a session is complete, I will ask how you feel and provide some insight as to what I noticed during the session and may provide some suggestions of practices a client can do to enhance and extend the effects of a session. 

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