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Healing Services

Restorative Crystal Healing

Crystals, minerals, and stones are used to balance, redirect, and remove blockages in the chakras and energy field to promote healing and create a sense of calmness and relaxation for the client. 

Crystal Healing

Intuitive Soul Guidance

In Person (Denver Metro Area)

Psychic reading using varying modalities including cards (tarot/oracle/wisdom) or crystal tarot. Sessions can be done at your home, at Cornerstone Bookstore, or we can choose an outdoor location, weather permitting.

Via Phone, Skype, or Zoom

Have a reading done from the privacy of your own home. Webcam and session recording available. 

Tarot Spread

Private Yoga

Yoga Instruction - One on One (Denver Metro Area)​

Private Yoga instruction with emphasis on alignment of the physical body, energetic body and breath. We move through poses in a slow, articulate manner, to create a holistic, healing, rejuvenating experience. Client may choose a physical, emotional, or energetic area of focus for the practice. Sessions can be done at client’s home or we can choose an outdoor location, weather permitting.

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