Trust Your Guidance… Who’s Coming With Me?!

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds. Matter of fact, often times following our Guidance is the most difficult path of all the available choices. So, as you follow this Inner Guidance, you walk the road mostly in confidence, doing the work to quiet your mind so you can perceive the Truth with clarity, choosing your thoughts feelings and emotions with intention and consciousness. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the circumstances of the present reality that are in contradiction with the vibrational reality Source has guided you to invest in and devote yourself to, hits you like a semi that materialized from another dimension! Thoughts such as, “What am I doing?”, “I am crazy!”, and “I am so f*cked!” echo at the volume of a rock concert in your mind. Followed by, “This has to be the right choice, right?”, “Spirit led me here… the infinite love of Source wouldn’t led me off of a cliff to fall to my death, right?” These are the emotions that we must process and move through in order to succeed on our path. They suck! They are insanely difficult, and most often, in the past we have used tactics such as drugs, alcohol, and self-victimization to evade them. But at some point, if we are REALLY devoted to this path 1000%, we no longer choose avoidance, and instead choose to look the emotions dead in the face and say, “I SEE you and I KNOW you are not the truth of my reality.”  We are alive during a pivotal time in the evolution of consciousness; a time where the foundation of our belief structures, on all levels, are being voluntarily and involuntarily, blown out from under our feet with proverbial atomic bombs. I know, trust me I KNOW how challenging it is, but we chose this at a Soul level for a reason. We each knew before we came, that we WANTED to be part of this planetary shift and we knew that we could MORE than handle it. Does that make it any easier when it feels like everything is crashing down around you? Maybe the perspective softens the blow a bit, but for most of us it still hurts and it still feels agonizing at times. I am here to tell you that you’re not alone. I know there are so many out there right now that are doing this work, have jumped off a cliff because their Higher Guidance led them to follow their hearts, and are just waiting for the hands of Spirit to catch them. It’s terrifying at times, believe me, I get it, but once you’ve taken that leap (and I’m talking about the one that has NO safety net!), what choice do you have but to keep trusting? The only other choice is to fall into despair, worry, anxiety, and fear which, if you’ve been down a similar path before, you know will only lead to more of the same. Have faith, co-creators. Your Guidance IS real. You might be a little crazy, but normal is not all it’s cracked up to be! You are NOT alone! I see the Truth of our collective mission and I am willing to do the work to shift our planetary reality, once and for all! Who’s coming with me?!

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